Completed Projects & Initiatives

Home Depot Retool Your School

As a result of winning the Home Depot Retool Your School competition two years in a row, Howard University was able to receive a combined $100,000 in donations from Home Depot to facilitate the design and construction of a Bus Shelter at the Cramton Auditorium Shuttle stop with solar trash cans in addition to the installation of forty (40) drinking fountains in residence halls campus-wide. These projects were conducted by Level Green and Winston Construction, respectively, and cost a combined $108,948.

The Retool Your School initiative also aided in the construction of our Organic Garden, rain garden curbside projects around campus, as well as the installation of EV charging stations.


Howard University competes annually in RecycleMania, a competition that promotes properly disposing of all recyclable materials.

HU Service Center Green Roof Installation

This project entailed the replacement of a section of the Service Center parking level roof and installation of a green roof which directly aids in the management and mitigation of stormwater at this area, in addition to bringing new life to the building by creating a green space. This project was conducted by Bryand & Roger’s Contracting, with a cost of $614,148.00.

Miner Building

This project entailed the replacement of damaged or misplaced roofing of the Howard Miner Building in addition to adding weather proofing hardware to ensure the durability of the roof and general condition of the building. This project was conducted by Tovan Construction and costs $1,049,150.

Howard University Lighting Project

Howard University has invested in the safety of its students and consciousness of its energy consumption through the replacement of lighting systems across the campus. This includes the upgrade and conversion of interior and exterior lighting systems and controls to LED systems which not only save on energy consumption but last longer than the conventional light bulb, which means a lessened environmental impact through waste reduction as well as cost savings through purchasing. The lighting project at Howard has accrued a net investment of $1,825,505.54.

Energy Submetering Project

Howard University’s mission of sustainability extends to self accountability, which has inspired the investment in the installation of internal meters and software to measure electricity, water, natural gas and steam utilities. This initiative was taken into consideration for thirty-eight (38) buildings campus-wide. The project was conducted by the contractor GB Energie and costs $301,163.68.

“D.C. Campus Challenge: How Much Can You Power Down?” Competition

March 7, 2012

In its first campus energy competition, Howard University students reduced overall energy use by 14% in its participating dorms, out-saving fellow competitors at American and George Washington Universities in the Alliance to Save Energy. Howard’s Office of Sustainability Director Alfonzye Chisholm Jr. said the competition helps further its main objectives. “We entered this competition to establish a ‘greener’ Howard University operation and environment, to help lead the inclusion of minorities in this worldwide initiative and to help prepare the next leaders in sustainability,” he said. “Winning was a huge statement for all minority institutions.”

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On-Campus Energy: How Howard University is Creating the Largest Renewable Energy Project of Any HBCU

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